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Noga Wizansky was born in Ashkelon, Israel, and now lives and works in Nevada City, California. She has an MA in Design with emphasis in drawing and painting, and an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in History of the Visual Arts, both from UC Berkeley. 


drawing -- observation -- the work of the hand

Interactions -- writing with image-making; the remembered past with the lived present; the personal with the social; seeing, feeling, and thought; deliberation and discovery

history -- ​memory -- storytelling -- politics

John Berger, A Painter of Our Time -- " . . . when I do not draw, my mind becomes overcrowded and the crowd accuses."

Yitzhak Laor, commenting on his poem "He'arat Shulayim (Footnote)" --  " . . . beyond the urge to shout 'see, here the blood worship begins', the poem's musicality is most important, here . . . is the place in which I protect my own voice (I think), and everything else is given to others, as a gift."  (translated with permission from the author )

Philip Levine, "Blue and Blue"  ". . . overhead the sky darkened into a blue so deep I thought the world would break into fire."  
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all art works and text copyright Noga Wizansky, 2012