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Place to Place. Solo exhibit in planning with the Art Gallery of Maj Alkourom, Upper Gallilee, Israel. Postponed due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. Future date TBD.

Resilient by Nature. Juried exhibit. 19th Annual Wild and Scenic Film Festival, Nevada City, California. January 2021.
​Works exhibited: Brackish Marsh 1(2017), Brackish Marsh 10 (2017), US Hunting Grounds 2 (2017)

Panic. Juried exhibit. O’Hanlon Art Gallery, Mill Valley, CA. 11/20-12/20.
Work exhibited: Angel of History (2017)

Haptic Encounters. Invited participation in a four-day collaborative event organized by the art collective Useless Initiatives. 9/29 - 10/6.
Work produced: Haptic Object (2020)

Arts of Resistance. Invited exhibit. Gray Loft Gallery, Oakland, CA. Date tbd. 
Works to be exhibited: Selections from the image series’ Exploring Protest and 
Remarkable as Raindrops. 

Encounters (Mifgash): Works by Arab and Jewish Art Educators. Invited exhibit. Art Gallery of Maj Alkourom, Upper Gallilee, Israel. 03/19-05/19.
Work exhibited: Caryatids Unleashed 2 (LE print, 2016)

ReGeneration.  Residency exhibit. Artvale Gallery, Oakland, CA. 
Residency dates: 09/30/18-11/4/18. Exhibition: November 30, 2018 – February 16,
Project exhibited (5 works): Elephant in the Bone. How Much is Enough? (2018)

UNLEASHED: Visualizing Futures.  US Campaign for Palestinian 
Rights. Sept. 2018. 
Work exhibited: Caryatids Unleashed II (2016)THIRD PLACE. 

Time Honored. Juried Exhibition. Chico Arts Center, CA. Sept. 2018.
Work exhibited: US Hunting Grounds 2 (2017)HONORABLE MENTION.

Home: Making Space for Radical Love and Struggle. Faculty Exhibit. CCA 
Oliver Gallery. Apr. 2018. 
Project exhibited (4 works): Troubling Homeland: a Nation-As-Family Album (2006-17). 

Gems V. Juried Exhibition. Arts Benicia. December 2017. 
Works exhibited: Studies in Simultaneity: Protectors and Unprotected; Middle Class 
Demons (2016)

Landscapes and Beyond.  Invited Group Show. Gray Loft Gallery. Nov./Dec. 2017.
Works exhibited: Brackish Marsh 3 - egret bathing at the confluence of rivers (2017); US 
Hunting Grounds 1 (2017). Highwayscape 2 (2017). Highwayscape 8 (2017).

Flora and Fauna. Juried Exhibition. ARC Gallery (SF). June/July 2017.
Work exhibited: Brackish Marsh 2.

I Can’t Breathe. Juried Exhibition. ARC Gallery (Chicago). November/December 
Work exhibited: Route to Al-Khalil/Hebron, Landscape and Power I/II (from the series 
Al-Khalil/Hebron Journal).

Fragments: The Art of Collage and Assemblage. Juried Exhibition. Benicia Arts. 
August 2015.
Work exhibited: Lake Views I, Oakland (from the series Views of Security and Health).  

Member Exhibition. Richmond Art Center. August 2008.
Work exhibited: Unrest.

Member Exhibition. Richmond Art Center. August 2007.
Work exhibited: Maneh Otam I - After Yehuda Amichai (from the series A Wrinkle in 
the Mind: Notes from an Emigrant-Immigrant Daughter).

Member Exhibition. Richmond Art Center. August 2006.
Work exhibited: Gleanings.

Group Exhibition. Worth Ryder Gallery, UC Berkeley. April 1989.
Works exhibited: Paintings, drawings and prints.

Group Exhibition. White Room, UC Berkeley. May 1989.
Works exhibited: Paintings, drawings and prints.

“Bodies: exhibit review, Creative Growth Art Center”
Squarecylinder, April 2019

“Invoking Palestinian Embroidery Tradition Only to Unsettle It.” Hyperallergic, November 2018.

 “Free 2011.”  Art Practical, October, 2011. 

 “A Child’s View from Gaza.” Art Practical, September, 2011.

 “Are We There Yet? 5000 Years of Answering Questions with Questions.” Art Practical, July 14th, 2011.

Manuscripts in progress

“Asking Selves: Susan Janow’s Short Film ‘Questions’.” 

“Sculpture Head: Efrat Natan Walks Out on a Military Parade.” “Performance, Power, and Mourning in the Art of Efrat Natan, 1973-76.”

Third Place - UNLEASHED: Visualizing Futures. Art Competition. US Campaign for Palestinian Rights. August 2018. 
Work awarded: Caryatids Unleashed.

Honorable Mention - Time Honored. Juried Exhibit. Chico Art Center. August 2018. 
Work awarded: US Hunting Grounds 2.

Ibdaa Gallery. Kafr Yasif, Wadi Ara, Israel. 
Work in collection: Caryatids Unleashed 1 (L.e. Giclee print)

Artvale GalleryOakland, CA
Work in collection: Caryatids Unleashed 1 (L.e. Giclee print)

Juried Annuals and/or Catalogs

Atlas in a Day: Community. Citizen project by Guerilla Cartography. May 16, 2020. 
Work published: Safety Net: Homage/Lament for Essential Workers.

Home: Making Space for Radical Love and StruggleCatalog for the CCA 
Diversity Studies Faculty Exhibition. April, 2018.
Project published: Troubling Homeland

*82 Review. An art and literature print and online magazine. nevermindthepress, issue 
5.4, December 2017.
Work published: Exploring Protest/Ambivalent Symbols. 

Flora and Fauna. Exhibition catalog. ARC Gallery and Studios, San Francisco. 
June/July 2017.
Work published: Brackish Marsh 2

Art Opportunities Monthly. July/August 2016 issue. 
Featured cover art: Drawing in Oakland, Thinking of Gaza. 

Tikkun: A Bimonthly Jewish Critique of Politics, Culture and Society. Jan/Feb 1998.
Work published: Untitled. 


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