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Selected Works 2020 - "Mothworks"; "Burial in Efal/Al-Khayriyya"
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Mothworks (or Angel of History cont. - see Works 2017)

This series started with a moth, and a pot (scroll down for some of the exploratory drawings that started the series and continue to accompany it as it grows). 

In late February I returned from Tel Aviv, where we buried my father and sat Shiva, to a US city that in three days would start sheltering in place. In the months that followed, like most people, I was stressed, sad, and numb. Studio work sustains me, but I couldn’t find time or the emotional reserves to work with any kind of intensity. In May I found a dead moth floating in a pot of water on the stove. I’m not a good housekeeper, especially when upset, and the moth stayed suspended in the water for a week. Then I began to draw again. Then I had the first of what has become a bi-weekly meeting with some good friends and a family member who are all artists (a writer, painter, musician and puppeteer, collage artist, and me) working in different parts of the country. Our conversations helped me back not only to the pleasure of working, but also toward something that feels new. Or, older themes taken somewhere different. Thank you Hugh Behm-Steinberg for reminding me that “if you’re resisting something it’s calling out to you.” 

Silhouette, Weeds, Trash I (or Angel of History II)
Charcoal and torn black paper on Strathmore 400 paper
36 x 48"
Silhouette, Weeds, Trash I (or Angel of History III)
Charcoal and torn black paper on Strathmore 400 paper
36 x 48"
"Mothworks" Continued - now "Burial in Efal/Al-Khayriyyah"
My titles morph as I land on different aspects of a series in any given stretch of time. The moth is still in these but the place is different. First probings with a larger piece in the making.