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Selected Works 2019
Weeds and Trash. And Stones. US Winter 2019
Charcoal and pastel on Strathmore 400 paper
Weeds,Trash, US Winter 2019 (How much is enough?)
Charcoal and masking tape on Strathmore 400 paper
Recovery Drawing 6 (Support Systems)
Charcoal, pastel, collage on Stonehenge rag paper
Caryatids Unleashed II (Oakland, Washington DC, Gaza)
Charcoal and photomontage on Strathmore 400 paper
Mumurations I
Mixed media (charcoal, newsprint, canvas) on wood panel
Mumurations II (Oaklahoma, Palestine, Oakland)
Mixed media (charcoal, canvas, mixed papers) on Stonehenge rag paper
Travel Memories (Tel Aviv, CA Hwy 680)
Mixed media (charcoal, canvas, masking tape, mixed papers) on Stonehenge rag paper
New work-in-development for the series Common Ground 
Bathers II - Temescal Public Pool Works 2 (Life painting from memory)
Oil paint on paper, duck tape
A new series, Murmurations, borrowing a wonderful metaphor from Rebecca Solnit. 

"a murmuration, one of those great flocks of birds in flight that seems to swell and contract and shift as the myriad individual creatures climb and bank and turn together, not crashing into each other, not drifting apart."

"Pity the land that thinks it needs a hero, or doesn't know it has lots and what they look like." 

Solnit, "When the Hero is the Problem"
New work-in-development for the series Forms of Protection in the US Landscape

The piece below is a view of the California Pinole Point Regional Shoreline and Coastal Restoration Project seen from the West Coast Detention Center that abuts it. The title refers to language on immigration detention beds in  Congressional appropriation laws since 2009. According to the National Immigration Justice Center, "no other law enforcement agency is subject to a real or perceived quota for its detainees." 
Bed Quota (view of the California shoreline from the West Coast Detention Center)
In progress
Mixed media (charcoal, graphite, canvas) mounted on wood panel
Temescal Public Pool Works 1
In progress
Mixed media (charcoal, kitchen fabric, graphite) mounted on wood panel
(app.) 40x50"